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More WAY-2C Inspection Examples

Pharmaceutical Packaging

tablets in blister pack classification by color with missing tablet shown in red WAY-2C's powerful statistical matching method can be particularly effective when lighting conditions are less than ideal. In this example, in spite of glints, shadows and non-uniform lighting. the system has correctly identified the white, green, light and dark blue, and missing tablets.


The system's ability to distinguish differing textures and multicolored materials such as these fabrics, and natural materials such as wood and stone, make it well suited for automated inspections ranging from swatches on sample cards to full scale furniture and automotive assembly. Expanded example Expanded example Expanded example Expanded example

Sample Card Inspection System Specifications Request Information Our WAY-2C based Sample Card Inspection System can be trained on a new card in just minutes. Once trained can be switched between cards in seconds. A typical single-camera system can inspect 1200 30-swatch cards per hour in a manual feed system, considerably more with automatic feed. To request more information click button at right and select Sample Card Inspection System.

Laminates and Flooring

Flooring 1a Flooring 1b
Pattern 1
Flooring 2a Flooring 2b
Pattern 2
Although the colors present in the two flooring laminate patterns to the left appear similar, they are in fact slightly different.

WAY-2C can quickly and reliably differentiate Pattern 1 samples from Pattern 2 on the basis of their color statistics in spite of glints and varying amounts of dark material in the images. Statistics automatically incorporate both color and textural information for rapid, reliable identification during manufacturing.

(Click on images to enlarge comparison.)

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Assembly Inspection

The WAY-2C based Assembly Inspection System. easily verifies correct placement of components based on local color statistics. After training on the first image, it detects the missing 25 amp fuse at position 14 and the interchanged 20 and 25 amp fuses at positions 20 and 24 in the second image. Incorrect positions are indicated with colored rectangles as shown in the third image and a reject signal is output. Typical inspection times are well under one second for assemblies such as the fuse boxes shown. To request more information on the Assembly Inspection System just click on any information button.

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After quick training by example, WAY-2C can automatically recognize missing (red outline) or improperly seated (orange outline) rhinestones and output a signal for corrective action.

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