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Wood-Color Based Sorting and Labeling

Oak cabinet door color 1 Oak cabinet door color 2 WAY-2C's powerful ability to differentiate objects, such as these cabinet doors, based on their color distributions usually produces results consistent with, but more reliable and much faster than human inspectors. Even natural variations, such as those due to wood grain or irregular outlines, which can defeat traditional mean and/or variance based matching, or pixel thresholding methods, are seldom, if ever, a problem. For more >>

One of the first successful applications of WAY-2C was to sort unfinished red oak for flooring applications. The speed with which WAY-2C can be trained makes it possible to select representative samples representing the range of colors in a shipment; instantly train the system to recognize this range; and then automatically sort the entire shipment by color based on this training.

WAY-2C can also be interfaced to bar-code or other label printers to reduce the likelihood of mislabeling due to human error.

Lumber Painted End Identification System

Our Lumber Painted End identification system helps mills use color codes to automatically associate incoming material with its supplier.
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Last Updated 4/26/11