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Anyone concerned with storage, transmission, segmentation and/or interpretation of multispectral or hyperspectral imagery, or other large data sets might be interested in checking out US Patent 8,918,347. The patent describes a method that can quickly and efficiently locate the most relevant data subset to differentiate a specified set of classes. This usually makes it possible to:

  • Greatly reduce transmission and/or storage bandwidth requirements.
  • Eliminate the need for most or all manual data editing.
  • Provide a numerical estimate of accuracy and speed of data interpretation.
  • Greatly speed up processing.
The method has been demonstrated to give good results for a variety of multispectral and hyperspectral images as well as various non-image data.

For an overview pdf illustrating the method.

For an an abstract and slides from a recent presentation discussing the method

For licensing inquiries contact Robert McConnell

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Last Updated 10/16/16