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Apples and Oranges

Why do we show these images? In the first place, as a reminder that in spite of the many clichées implying the ease with which apples and oranges may be distinguished on the basis of color, when real fruit is involved an appropriate engineering solution to the problem may be far from obvious. Apples and oranges image 1 Apples and oranges image2

Another reason is that these are the first two real images ever classified with WAY-2C. When the system was still in a very early stage of development we bought a few apples and undyed oranges, placed them on a table and captured the left image. After simply pointing out examples of apples, oranges, and background in this image we randomly rearranged the fruit and captured the image on the right. When the system was asked to identify the fruit in the second image it identified each piece correctly.

We still include copies of these images with the WAY-2C software tutorials so our customers can share the surprise and excitement we felt when we first began to appreciate the power of this type of color-based recognition.

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Last Updated 12/29/13