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Relevance Spectroscopy Example -Hydice "TERRAIN" image

These images illustrate the application of relevance spectroscopy to the sample 'TERRAIN' hyperspectral image available from http://www.erdc.usace.army.mil/Media/Fact-Sheets/Fact-Sheet-Article-View/Article/610433/hypercube/.

To the right is a 3 band 'true color' selection from that 225 band image showing training regions for the five classes of interest.
False color "intermediate" image based on optimum 3 band combination derived using training regions shown in 'true color' image above.

Band selection required approximately one minute on a PC from the time training regions were selected.
WAY-2C interpretation of 3 band combination "intermediate" image derived in previous step. The interpretation required approximately 1 second on a PC after optimum bands had been selected. In addition to the interpreted image the system provides such information as amount of each class present in the entire image or in selected areas.

To date Relevance Spectroscopy has been successfully applied to images in ENVI BIP, BIL and BSQ as well as other formats. Sources include:
    Hyperspectral images:
  • Resonon, Inc.
  • XIMEA GmbH
    Multispectral images:
  • DigitalGlobe, Inc.
  • Accelerometer time series data.
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Last Updated 3/19/17