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Designing for Inspectability

In recent years the concept of designing for manufacturability has become an important consideration, and in many industries, designing for testability is now routine. We take great pride in WAY-2C's ability to recognize complex color distributions in less than ideal situations. However, sometimes we wish our customers would make it easier on themselves and us by considering inspectability somewhere in the design phase.

For example, when inspecting for the presence of color coded components in an assembly, the use of darker, more neutral (unsaturated) colors such as blacks and grays for the background behind the components can often make it easier to achieve a reliable color based inspection protocol. Conversely, light and/or strongly saturated (intense red, yellow, green etc) background colors can complicate this type of inspection.

If you are designing for color based inspection, please feel to contact us at: support@way2c.com

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Last Updated 2/2/09